Out of the Woody Allen Jazz Band comes the amazing duo of Eddy Davis and Conal Fowkes. They share the stage with Woody Allen when and wherever he performs on his clarinet, forming the core of the jazz band and, together with the clarinet man, a powerful New Orleans style trio.

Here this dynamic duo presents their spectacular new DVD Live In Concert, a captivating and uniquely varied live performance filmed at the famous Cafe Vienes in the historic Hotel Casa Fuster, Barcelona, Spain. They play blistering-hot New Orleans jazz tunes, mournful blues and foot-stomping Boogie- Woogie, as well as heart wrenching ballads from the 20s thru the 50s. Original arrangements of Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington classics go along side timeless favorites and rare or forgotten gems.

Read on and enjoy.

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  1. Comment by lloyd moss

    Pure joy throughout—and “Snake Rag” is an absxolute killer!. (and what about Conal singing in Spanish? Wow!

  2. Comment by Danny Aiello, actor

    Hi Conal. You and Eddy are terrific in
    concert. It blew me away! Your playing is sensational ! And your singing, your
    interpretation….brilliant ! I am watching
    as I am writing! Great stuff !
    Miss you kid. Hope to see you soon,

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