The making of the DVD-How it all happened

It all started when news came out that Woody Allen was going to make his new film in Barcelona (Vicky,Christina, Barcelona). Knowing how much he loves to play his clarinet and knowing that he typically takes a couple of months to make a film, we decided that we had to try to find a little place in Barcelona where we (the duo) could play four or five nights per a week and where Woody could simply drop in when ever he felt like playing and to relax away from the stresses of the film set. Easier said than done.

Having tried and failed various avenues, Eddy remembered a particular place we had stayed one year while touring Europe and a particular gentleman we had met there. The place was the beautiful Hotel Casa Fuster in Barcelona and the gentleman was Cesar Royo, the hotel manager at the time.

With the help of a local Catalan musician friend of ours, Oscar Font, and the new managing director of the hotel, Ferran Rojo, the five of us began months of planning and preparation. The end result could not have been more perfect!

We spent an unforgettable two months at the Casa Fuster playing to a packed house five nights a week. Woody would drop in three or four times a week to play with us, sometimes even at lunch time, to the delight of customers having a coffee or a sandwich and who would never have dreamed that they would be entertained by Woody Allen!

Ferran and Cesar did an incredible job of setting every thing up just right. They organized sponsorship from Moet Chandon, who provided patrons with a constant flow of Champagne, and Continental Airlines, who provided our flights and who had their own table in the Cafe and would bring their executives in to see us perform.

We also had the great pleasure of meeting many local musicians who came in to see us and who we were able to jam with after hours. Many memorable nights!

In short it was a dream come true. Towards the end of our stay at the Casa Fuster Eddy felt that this was all too good to let pass without some how capturing some of it for posterity. One of the many great people we met during our stay was a wonderful Brazilian film maker, Arturo Querzoli, who was living in Barcelona at the time. Eddy asked him what it would take to film one of our shows and within about 24 hours he had put a crew together and set up all the equipment and was ready to roll.

The DVD we present here is the end result of all these many elements and we hope that any one watching it might sense a little of the incredible experience we had playing and living in Barcelona that Summer at the beautiful Hotel Casa Fuster.

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  1. Comment by Oscar Font, Barcelona

    Hi guys! I hope to see you again on Barcelona soon to share some jazz moments again!

  2. Comment by Andrew Craig, UK

    Hi Con ! Greetings from Nottingham. I hope you and your wife are well. I follow your career with great interest and admiration. Your dad, of course, keeps me up to date ! I wanted to add to the many congratulations re your Grammy. What a wonderful thing ! Onwards and upwards ! Very best wishes to you. Cheers, AC

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