Order DVD: Eddy Davis & Conal Fowkes Live In Concert


The Dynamic Duo of Eddy Davis and Conal Fowkes present here their new DVD available exclusively at davisfowkes.com.

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USA                          $20.00  +  $2.99  s/h

International      $20.00 +  $5.99  s/h

Song Titles

  1. Frog-I-Moore Rag
  2. I’ll Never Have To Dream Again
  3. Songs from the film “Sweet and Lowdown”- Limehouse Blues, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, It Don’t Mean A Thing, I’ll See You In My Dreams
  4. Snake Rag
  5. Songs from the film “Stardust Memories”- Body And Soul, Stardust
  6. What A Difference A Day Made
  7. Beale Street Mama
  8. I Fall In Love Too Easily
  9. Wild Man Blues
  10. Memories Of You
  11. Truckin’
  12. Dinah
  13. The Stampede
  14. Cry Me A River
  15. Ory’s Creole Trombone
  16. Songs from the film “Annie Hall”- Seems Like Old Times, It Had To Be You
  17. Sweetheart Of All My Dreams
  18. Duke Ellington Medley- The Mooche, In A Sentimental Mood, Take The “A” Train
  19. Shake That Thing
  20. My Foolish Heart
  21. Good Ole New York
  22. La Vie En Rose
  23. Hang Out The Stars In Indiana
  24. It Don’t Mean A Thing


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  1. Comment by Joan Bender, New York

    Hi – Oops, I didn’t know everybody could read these comments! Okay, well in that case, everybody, you should buy this DVD! They are sensational musicians and singers too!

  2. Comment by Norbert Wipf, Switzerland

    Hello Eddy
    Thank you for your e-mail, your Duo ist fantastic !!!
    Best Regards
    Norbert, Switzerland.

  3. Comment by Dawn, California

    Yea!!!!!!The clips sound great, can’t wait to listen to the whole DVD. And it’s coming out just in time …we’re worn out our other Conal CD :)

  4. Comment by Tom Dameron

    My name is Tom Dameron and I play sousaphone with Tony Lombardo in the Legendary Pineapple Skinners. I just had the pleasure of hearing you and Conal on the DVD from Barcelona.
    I must say it stands alone as one of the most incredible things I have ever heard. We are constantly bombarded by all types of music and media so when I can experience something like this it blows me away. I want to thank both of you for the music. Most people do not understand how much effort a musician must go through to become good at his craft. You two are the best.

  5. Comment by Ed Baran, Joppa MD

    Between Eddy’s great tenor banjo, his powerful vocals, and Conal Fowkes’ master ragtime piano – you can’t miss! The balance between the two is super.
    No one outdoes the other musician – a beautiful “give and take” musical conversation. They keep the Americana music alive and well.
    As a guitarist/bassist, myself, and having performed in local bands, I’m partial to ballads, and Eddy delivers on “My Foolish Heart”. If you are learning the banjo as I am, THIS is the master to learn from! I am so happy I visited You Tube and discovered Eddy’s solo videos, too.

    This Baby Boomer says THANKS to Eddy and Conal for keeping the sound alive!

  6. Comment by Ulisses Dumas

    I bought the DVD from you. Incredible … It changed my life. Congratulations on such sensitivity.

  7. Comment by Catherine, Siberia

    Dear Mr. Fowkes

    I adored your disk, just adored. Thank you and Mr.
    Davis for the music you let us hear. I have discovered
    many wonderful songs I’ve never heard before. Also,
    the extra is very surprising, I loved to see it. What else
    can I say? I can only thank a hundred more times!
    Your disk will be a diamond of my collection.

  8. Comment by Marco Levi, Italy

    Your DVD has just arrived. This wonderful stuff featuring stride piano and banjo seems to me the logical follow up of the legendary album “Harlem Banjo”, recorded by Elmer Snowden & Cliff Jackson. I enjoyed a lot.
    Marco Levi from Italy

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