Congratulations to Conal Fowkes, Eddy Davis and the Yerason Trio (Yrving Yeras, Lisa Yeras and Conal Fowkes) for their contributions to this wonderful album.

Midnight In Paris

Last night at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony the prize for Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media went to Midnight In Paris. A quarter of the tracks on the album feature Conal Fowkes. Three solo tracks, interpreting the music of Cole Porter, and a fourth track (arranged by Eddy Davis) where Conal plays with the Yerason Trio (Yrving and Lisa Yeras-violins) a version of Barcarolle by Offenbach.

Midnight In Paris has already won an Oscar for Best Original Screen Play and now a GRAMMY (the first for a Woody Allen soundtrack) just puts the cherry on the cake!

Congratulations to all the artists on this wonderful album!!


  1. Comment by FRAN DUBON

    Dear Conal & Eddy,

    Congratulations for this award! I met you during my stay in Barcelona working in Casa Fuster, it was a big pleasure to have customers like you. Now for work I have moved to Rome! But I will keep your simpathy and your music forever! Best regards from Rome!

  2. Comment by Bob Barta, NY

    Congratulations Eddy & Conal on the Grammy!! Wondering how many other winners are familiar with a gramophone that’s not small & uniformly plated…

    It truly couldn’t be more well deserved and (in my opinion) was overdue. Eddy, you’re always one of my greatest inspirational teachers. Best regards from Long Island!!

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