At last! the sound track we’ve all been waiting for for so long is finally out on iTunes.
All the great music from the film is there including the three Cole Porter tunes that Conal recorded, “You’ve got that thing”, “You do something to me” and “Let’s do it”.

A word of warning: If you listen to the free preview of “Let’s do it” on iTunes you’ll notice that the music is not what you’re expecting. That’s because when Conal recorded the song he including the little known verse at the beginning. The verse was then cut for the movie but has been left in for the sound track album. So, fear not, this IS the version from the film, just with a little extra.

Also included is the “Barcarolle” by Offenbach which Conal recorded together with the great violin duo of Yrving and Lisa Yeras, arranged by our very own Eddy Davis.



  1. Comment by John Phillips, NYC

    Conal, I bought the soundtrack and it’s awesome. I’m quite certain I will never be able to listen to the Sidney Bechet track “If You See My Mother” without thinking of the film any more than I can hear Rhapsody in Blue without thinking of Manhattan. Is it true that local French guitarist Stephane Wrembel wrote Bistro Fada for the film? And of course I love all the of the Cole Porters tunes you played in the film. It’s really nice to have my own copy. Just think: 100 years from now people will be saying, “that’s what Cole Porter sounded like.” As I check my files, I seem to only have two recordings of Cole singing: “When Love Comes Your Way,” and “Well Did You Evah” from a 1956 television program. This of course means that when future generations portray Cole Porter, they will be mimicking you! Cheers.

  2. Comment by Alexander Sparf

    Hello there.

    Great fan of the arrangements you guys made of the Cole Porter songs.

    I was wondering if they were available anywhere in instrumental form, perhaps sheet music for those particular versions? (You’ve Got That Thing, Let’s Do It)

    Keep rocking!

    // Alexander Sparf, aspiring filmmaker and music lover

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