To all of you wonderful people who have written to me frustrated and exhausted having scoured the internet in search of the Cole Porter recordings I made for Midnight in Paris……

I was told by the producer that there will be a sound track album and that the Cole Porter songs will be on it. As far as I know, all of Woody’s films have a sound track album. Why it’s taking them so long to release it, I have no idea. The movie is still showing in theaters so maybe they’re waiting till it finishes this initial run before they release the sound track, although your guess is as good as mine.

Many of you have requested that I make the tracks available as down-loads on this sight. Well, the answer to that is simply that the recordings are the property of the film company and are not mine to use. I’m not allowed to do that.

So I guess all I can tell you is to hang in there and be patient and the album should be out soon. I am as frustrated as you are as I too would love a copy of the sound track!

Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging remarks. It is a great honor to be part of this wonderful film and to know that it has touched so many people all over the world. Please keep in touch and stay tuned and I’ll let you all know as soon as I hear any thing.

My thanks and best wishes,

Conal Fowkes.


  1. Comment by Ian

    That’s great news! Thanks for the update.

    Please keep us updated as you get new info on a release date or full track listing.

  2. Comment by Mariana Alayza, Peru

    Conal, your voice and your piano playing, both are beautiful!!!
    This is the first time I have heard about you, because of Midnight in Paris film.
    I am from Perú and I have been searching for your name almost a whole week.
    I’ve watched the film 4 times already!!
    Let me know when the soundtrack cd will be available, I can purchase it by amazon.
    Congratulations!! I am your fan!!

  3. Comment by Aria

    My first experience of Cole Porter was actually in the theatre, while I was watching Midnight in Paris. I’m desperately waiting for the soundtrack with your renditions of those Cole Porter songs!

  4. Comment by Dianna Jackson, CA

    I loved your songs and I am also waiting for the soundtrack…in the meantime I’m searching for some of the recordings on the web. Uhrrrrrrrr.

    Keep up the great work and come see us in CA. San Luis Obispo has a great performing auditorium.

  5. Comment by Marty

    It certainly has been frustrating trying to find the soundtrack for Midnight in Paris, can’t wait for the release. It would certainly make a great holiday gift….

  6. Comment by Don Minor

    What a GREAT addition to the Yerba Buean Jazz Band, at the San Diego Jazz Fest.

    Conal, please return next year.

  7. Comment by Abhijit

    Hi Conal,
    that was a wonderful soundtrack and I still can’t find it ANYWHERE! :(
    Please keep us all updated.. Thank You! :)

  8. Comment by Andrés, Spain

    Wonderful music, wonderful singing and wonderful film, easy to love. I’ve watched it 11 times since May. At least, I have the DVD, so I can hear you night and day, because you’re the top: you’ve got that thing, that centain thing. Congratulations from Spain!!

  9. Comment by Adam, Orlando

    FINALLY– the soundtrack to Midnight in Paris is available on iTunes!! I have yet to find a hard copy available and it appears that iTunes is the only option at this point (called Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart, etc) but it’s better than nothing. Highlights from Conal include “You’ve Got that Thing,” “You Do Something to Me”, “Barcarolle”, and of course the song that made the movie– “Let’s Do It”. Thank you, Mr. Fowkes, for this beautiful music!

  10. Comment by NYC, USA

    Just finally found your name in connection with those Cole Porter songs in Midnight in Paris — amazing stuff. Please keep us updated regarding the release of an album. In fact, do you have any news? I see that the DVD is coming out on 12/20 — maybe they are waiting for the DVD release before they distribute the soundtrack. Thanks for the music. It’s beautiful stuff.

  11. Comment by Ben

    loved the film. kind of a romantic’s nostalgia trip. can’t find the soundtrack. any news

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