“Midnight in Paris”, the new film by Woody Allen will open this week in NYC and features Conal Fowkes singing and playing Let’s Do It, You Do Something To Me and You’ve Got That Thing by Cole Porter. Also featured is Conal playing piano with the Yerason Trio (Yrving and Lisa Yeras, violins) performing Barcarolle by Jaques Offenbach.

Adrian Brody as Salvador Dali

The film opened the Cannes Film Festival last week to rave reviews and is scheduled to open in NYC May 20th. Critics are claiming it’s Allen’s best work since Match Point and saying it has Ocsar potential.

With out giving too much away, the film involves some time travel back to Paris of the 1920’s where the lead character, Gil, (Owen Wilson) meets many of his idols including the great Cole Porter, played by French actor Yves Heck. That’s where you’ll first here the voice and piano of Conal Fowkes as Mr. porter entertains guests at a party with his new songs, Let’s Do It and You’ve Got That Thing.

Later we see Gil at a street market picking up an old 78 record of Cole Porter. As the needle descends on the record surface, through the scratches we hear…… yes, Conal Fowkes singing and playing You Do Something To Me.

Owen Wilson as Gil

In another scene we visit the legendary  Maxim’s c. 1895. As Owen Wilson and Marion Cotillard enter the famous society night spot we hear the Yerason Trio playing the Barcarolle, arranged and produced for the movie by our very own Eddy Davis!

The movie is beautifully shot, funny and full of the romance and charm for which Paris is so famous. Right from the opening seconds you get the feeling you just want to drop it all and spend the rest of your days there.

Comment from French actor Yves Heck who plays Cole Porter:

“Cinema is magic and life is full of good surprises, isn’t it? How could I, a French actor, ever imagine working  with such a genius as Woody Allen, playing a music legend such as Cole Porter !? Well, it has just happened, as amazingly as the events in the life of Owen Wilson’s character in Midnight in Paris. I am proud and happy to be part of it and it was a pleasure to give life to Cole Porter through the fabulous voice of Conal Fowkes.”

Review from NY Observer:

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  1. Comment by Rob Garcia, NYC

    Congratulations Conal! Can’t wait to see it.
    my best, Rob

  2. Comment by Marty Kounitz, NY

    An excellent film; Woody Allen’s finest in many years. Conal’s singing and piano add realism and artistic excellence that bring the film to a high level of authenticity, and create a mood of grace and warmth.

  3. Comment by Harry Begier

    Midnight in Paris is the best movie I ever saw and Conal’s songs are the best, bringing back nostalgia.

  4. Comment by Alex F. Fox

    Really excellent stuff man. Can’t wait to see the film. Congrats to you, Yrving and Lisa for a great piece of work.

  5. Comment by JPH- Lafayette LA

    When will the Midnight in Paris Conal Fowkes version of “Lets do it” be available for download? Its the best version ever!

  6. Comment by Keegan

    I agree with everyone! The film was awesome, thanks to some great music by Mr. Fowkes. I’m also searching everywhere for his version of Let’s Do It – it was unbelievable! Can’t wait til it’s available for download.

  7. Comment by AT- Florida

    Is there any way to purchase the Conal Fowkes covers of Cole Porter’s songs used in the movie? We’re getting married in 2 weeks and would love to use “Let’s Do It” at our wedding reception!

  8. Comment by Rich Blatz

    My wife and I are going to see the movie for the 4th time Monday night. I love the movie and the music is fantastic. Conal, you have had me searching ebay for Cole Porter CD’s. Your singing of Porter’s songs was simply great and thanks for turning me on to Cole Porter. I never realized he did so much music. I will buy the soundtrack as soon as it goes on sale. Fantastic job singing for a fantastic movie!

  9. Comment by Wenbin, China

    Hi Mr. Fowkes, your interpretations in the film are simply sublime! I searched all over the internet but cannot find the three songs you played in the film for purchase.

    Could you please let us know if it may be available someday somewhere? I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is waiting for that to come out :)

    many thanks from China.

  10. Comment by Emmeline Montgomery

    Dear Mr. Fowkes,
    I have searched high and low for your version of “Let’s do it”. Everywhere I go I see the same saddened comments about people in my same disposition. We would all like your calm, jazzy, wonderfully sung version. It’s not on youtube, Itunes, or available via soundtrack purchasable on Amazon. I feel you would be doing everyone a very lovely favor if you released your version in some way shape or form.
    Please please do!

  11. Comment by Nikolas Murdock

    Mr. Fowkes!!!
    Your version of “let’s do it” is sublime! Like many of the commenters here, a friend and I have swept every corner of the internet looking for the song, but we have always failed.
    Will there be a release of the soundtrack? Where could we get the songs you performed in the movie?

  12. Comment by Travis Shears

    I must say Mr. Fowkes version of “Let’s do it” blew me away. I am also looking to buy the song!

  13. Comment by Keane

    You did a phenomenal job! I can’t wait for the soundtrack to be released (if it’s ever released).


  14. Comment by Catherine, Siberia

    Oh God, finally I can hope to be heard! During this film I really thought that there are Cole Porter’s records that are so wonderfully remastered and sung so gently and beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to find them and listen accurately and having all the joy it will bring me. Oh, I was so dissapointed! Please, please, make an album! Include other Cole Porter’s songs, I can’t listen them without this voice! Thank you for your great talent.

  15. Comment by Richard Byrne

    This has to be Woody Allen’s greatest achievement. I loved the movie, all the characters, the music, the Paris scenes and great romantic story. It goes right to the top of my list of favorite films. Everything was perfect. Woody is a genius. The extensive music selections and especially Conal’s Cole Porter impressions were as right as rain! Beautifully done, transported me back to fabulous Paris in the 1920s. Makes you want to go there and never come back! Thanks.

  16. Comment by Radhika Gupta

    Midnight in Paris, is definately the best movie I ever saw, and what evokes the nostalgia to a greater extent are the songs sung by Conal Fowkes. The music and the songs have introduced me to an era of music which I’d nevet explored before, and it is rich!!
    Thank you Woody Allen for giving us such a gem of a movie, and Conal Fowkes for the great music!

  17. Comment by Maribeth

    I loved Conal Fowkes’ arrangements of the Cole Porter classics- I’d love to be able to play them the same way- anyone know if there is piano music available?

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