I ordered the DVD from the davisfowkes.com/ website just one week ago, and it reached Edinburgh quickly despite the airport being closed for a few days. Great service.

If you don’t have this DVD, do yourself a favour and order it before Christmas. There are excerpts on youtube which will provide you with a flavour, but having the whole disc playing on your TV is incomparable.

There are many moments when I can’t believe it’s just the two of them playing. Such great energy and passion! There are too many highlights, in fact the whole film seems like a ‘best of’ compilation. But if I could only take one track to my desert island it would be, ‘La Vie En Rose’, which is nothing short of miraculous perfection.

The interplay between the two musicians is often stunning. There are moments when the banjo dominates, and others when the piano dominates, and times when they both play within a narrower pitch compass where it is hard to differentiate between them. These moments are usually fast rhythmical passages, and the energy is heightened by the narrow focus.

Conal’s piano playing is by turns lyrical, deft, rollicking – the whole shebang – and he always seems to be aware of what his partner is doing. There is a beautiful bass register on the piano which Conal uses for sudden tuba-style solos. Wonderful.

Eddy’s banjo playing is that of a master. All the technical devises are there, yet never seem inappropriate or garish, as can sometimes be the case with the tenor banjo. Everything seems ‘just right’. Goldilocks would have offered to be his groupie!

Both performers sing, sometimes solo, sometimes together. And the songs are all superb. There are medleys of tunes from Woody Allen films, which is a big plus for me – I love Woody’s films, all of them, but often it is the music which makes the scene a memorable one.

I could go on, but Eddy might start thinking he is too good for BHO. So I’ll stop.

Rob MacKillop

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